The Craziest Thing (Reggaeton Addict)

This is the craziest thing I have done so far -this year anyways.  I flew to Mexico City (DF) to watch J Balvin’s Energia concert!!! 

My total stay in DF from landing to taking off is 88 hours.  Total trip on the plane plus transits is 68 hours! My BFF says that I am his biggest fan – PERHAPS!  I just love, love, love his music.  It took me years and hundreds of replays before I feel like I have enough.  There are other reggaeton songs that became as or more popular, like Despacito, but I got tired of that quite quickly.   My friend’s friend told me that I knew almost all the lyrics to J Balvin’s songs, more than his girlfriend.  😁 They were superb company for the concert. I am very grateful to have an amazing friend who arranged everything. I cannot thank her enough.

The energy was on from the first song until the last.  I danced, I sang along, and repeat.  90 minutes went by way too fast!! It did not hurt that we had free flow booze and four youngsters in front of us who know all the lyrics and the energy to shake.  One even asked me for a “wefie” at the end.  I am afraid I had no clue where that photo would end up.  Nothing embarrassing I can only hope.  

My idol J-Balvin singing “Ginza”

I had a total blast – finally I was around those who love J Balvin as much as I do! He closed the show with his newest hits “Sigo Extrañándote” (translates to “I keep missing you”).  It cannot be more apt.


If you miss J-Balvin’s amazing presence in DF this past April, he is due to be back to the Auditorio Nacional this 21st of October. Oh, how I envy you, DF!

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