Solitude in Singapore

The concept of “solitude” in a tiny, highly populated country of Singapore is almost surely non-existent.  There is a little corner in the northwest of Singapore though, where one can still escape all the madness and commune with nature, albeit briefly.   In Kranji, there are many farms and conserved forests/mangroves (fish farm, hydroponic or organic farm, goat farm, flower farm, and the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve).   One can follow the Kranji Heritage Trail to explore this region.

What I did was much shorter and simpler.  I had always wanted to visit Bollywood Farm, an organic farm that also runs a cafe within its premise and Hay Dairies, the only goat farm in Singapore.  The visit of these two places turned out to be very short, so I  stopped by the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to do a relaxing walk along the mangroves.


Bollywood Farm

I find the farm and its cafe quite a disappointment.  It was expecting a productive farm, whose produce is used in the cafe and sold on farm.  I could not be more wrong!  They have a little corner where they sold produce from another farm.  Their cafe is crowded, but I have the feeling they bought their supplies for the cafe elsewhere.  They claim to have the best nasi lemak in the world (I disagree!) and the best banana bread in Singapore (hm, not really!).


Nasi Lemak in Poison Ivy Cafe in Bollywood Farm. Best in the world? You judge!


Walking around the farm is also not that interesting.  There are two very short trails, but I do not find how they arrange the farm is educational or informative.  The best spot I enjoyed is the swing under the tree.


Swings and garden chairs under a tree in Bollywood Farm.


Hay Dairies

I never knew that goat’s milk has gained popularity across Singapore.  During my short visit there, I noticed many cars came and go to buy their fresh goat’s milk.  I am not much of a milk person, so I decided to try the chocolate flavored goat’s milk (instead of the fresh natural milk).  It is delicious and it is much lighter than the chocolate flavor cow’s milk I usually buy in the supermarkets.


Hay Dairies’ menu and instructions for consuming their fresh goat’s milk.


Visitors are allowed to visit the farm and pet and feed the goat.  All the goats look healthy and well taken cared of, and the farm is very well organized.


Hay Dairies goat farm


Goats in Hay Dairies


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

I decided to walk towards the Coastal Trail.  I loved it. I barely bumped into anyone in the two hours I was there (I was just walking towards the Wetland section it started to pour).  It really felt like I had the place to myself.


The coastal trail in Sungei Buloh


Most of the people one stumbles into in Sungei Buloh are avid photographers.


The most common type of people one stumbles into in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Sungei Buloh is a prime place to spot migratory birds.  On my walk, I did not spot many animals, but I could hear birds singing as I walked on the walkway.



I also enjoyed the pods that they have built along the trails, especially the Kingfisher pod, which was built elevated.


Observation pods along the coastal train in Sungei Buloh. The elevated Kingfisher pod is in the background.


I had an invigorating mini-escape from all the urban madness in Sungei Buloh and the Kranji countryside, which is amazing because two minutes drive away, you are back in the concrete jungle of Singapore!

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