The Comfort of Home

In my personal quest to roam Latin America and the World, especially in the last couple of years, I have neglected the awesomeness I can find in my own backyard.

As a sworn and committed foodie, it dawned on me that something is terribly wrong when I can rattle off restaurant recommendation in Bogota or São Paolo faster than I could in Singapore.  I have also had not kept up with any happenings in Singapore, whether it is art and artifact exhibitions in the Museums or theaters and musicals.

I decided to slight these wrongs and put in more efforts to spend my free time in Singapore out of the house and the gym.

Here is a quick list of what I had done recently:


  • El Tardeo, run by the same team who runs Binomio, my favourite Spanish restaurant in Singapore, is more casual and more affordable and certainly as delicious. I love that they always have different twist on the Spanish classics.
2016-01-07 20.07.58
Patatas Bravas (Fried Potatoes with Spicy Sauce) El Tardeo’s Style


  • I finally checked out the new Huber’s Butchery in Dempsey, which is a Carnivore’s idea of heaven. I am coming back to buy that frozen tripe to try to make Mondongo (Colombian tripe and pork soup).
  • Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee in on 2 Jalan Ayer (+65-6748 2488). A colleague took me there for lunch and it was delicious. The broth is sweet from all the prawns.
  • Eating durians at Ah Di Dempsey Carpark near CMPB
2016-01-12 16.36.41
Ah Di Durian Stall in Dempsey


2016-01-12 16.39.57
Durian! This Durian variety is called King of Kings from Malaysia.  We also would eat another type called “Mao Shang Wang”.


Museums and Activities

  • Treasures of the British Museum at the Singapore National Museum. This exhibtion runs until Feb 19, 2016. I really enjoyed the Polynesian artifacts and the Persian artifacts.
2016-01-24 14.15.02
Beginning of The Quadro Leather Workshop at The Bynd Artisan


2016-01-24 15.05.29
My Neighbor Cutting Through Her Brown Calf Leather


2016-01-24 17.40.09
My Final Creations


  • National Gallery is definitely one architectural gem and one conservation project that can do Singapore proud.  Though I had not visited the exhibitions which focus on South East Asian artists, I really enjoyed the architecture and view from the rooftop.  The impact of the rooftop pool is very cool on the walls and pillars underneath it. The main highlight is of course the historic Parliament hall where Lee Kuan Yew was sworn as Singapore’s first Prime Minister.
2015-12-22 14.43.22
Reflection of the Water From the Rooftop Pool On The Pillars


2015-12-22 14.23.28
View of Singapore Skyline From The National Gallery Rooftop


2015-12-22 14.52.49
These Black and White Tiles Are Amazing. It Cannot Get More Colonial Than This!  Near The Entrace of National Gallery Facing Padang


I have had much fun exploring my hometown and I am glad to share this with you.  For more immersion in nature in Singapore, spend sometime in Kranji Heritage Trail.

Until next time.

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