Isla Not-So-Sexy Mujeres

Highlight of the island visit: hold and kiss a nurse shark (tiburon gato). It was so docile I had to ask at the end if it was alive. And also chicharrones for lunch, in place of the local grilled fish! I love my pork! LOL. I suppose a hungry shark would have found me yummy and fatty that afternoon. The chicharrones were so greasy, the grease seeped through two layers of papers and the plastic bag (is that even possible scientifically speaking?).




My thoughts of Isla Mujeres: touristy as expected! Visited Ixchel, a tiny Mayan ruin in the southern point of the island (I skipped the golf cart rental in place of a taxi so I did not have to worry about traffic). Beautiful view from the ruin to the Mar Caribe.




The Playa Norte is nothing special. Full of lounge chairs, hotels, and restaurants. And some places played loud music (salsa/reggaeton). I love the music of course, but it is not conducive with blending with nature 🙂 Been there, done that, NEXT!





Ps. Love the conch weather-meter!

These days, the 18,000 locals live in the colonies in the middle of the island, near the salinas, from the original downtown near the Playa Norte. Electricity and water (both clean and potable) are all supplied from Cancun. This makes sustainability of the island’s existence always an issue to consider. The island really lives of tourism alone, now that salt is no longer quarried there.


Where the real people lives!
Salinas (salt quary)

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