Russia vs. Ukraine

Coming to Ukraine directly from Moscow made me realize how different and yet similar Russia and Ukraine are. These are my personal observations and opinions. Please do not take offense. It is not meant to criticize.

1. They speak Russian with different accent. I prefer Russian accents.
2. Kiev is so cheap compared to Moscow, both being the capital of Ukraine and Russia respectively, though salary in Ukraine is also a lot lower apparently. And Ukraine is also having economic issues.
3. Somehow, I found more people speaking English in Kiev than Moscow. Though this could be attributed to the fact that I go to Ukraine for work.
4. They use “i” in Ukraine. In Russia, all is written as “и”.
5. Ukrainians seem to have more chip on their shoulders. It is understandable given their history.
6. Similar food but it just is tastier in Ukraine (Mandrogi Village food excepted).

1. Bureaucracy and rigidness – sometimes they still have this “Soviet” mentality in doing certain things. Perhaps this is not very politically way to say this but It seems to fit.
2. Beautiful Orthodox churches – old and new.
3. Both countries are very green, very lush, but Russia seems to have more forests.
4. The young men are very polite and gentlemanly, though I heard they are so in a more superficial way.

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