Flavors of Guatemala and Honduras

I cannot write about my trip and not dedicate a special section on food. Food is an essential part of any culture and I will dedicate a big section on this. I love food.  When I travel, I have to try the local food or I feel like I have never been there….Though I have to admit, I am not always partial to what is being served in all the places I visit.  I try many Guatemalan and a few Honduran food, but unfortunately apart from the yummy Tortrix and spiced hot chocolate, nothing is really extraordinary to my personal taste and my tongue.  The food in general does not have very strong flavor and seasonings, and the tortillas are too fat and the rice tends to be grainy (undercooked).  However, I still tried many things that I would love to show you. When you visit Guatemala and Honduras, try these and decide for yourself.


I want to share my favourite new junk food snack, TORTRIX…it’s Guatemalan. It’s ten times better than Doritos (I was gonna write a hundred times, but, nah, Doritos is pretty yummy too). And it’s shaped like tacos (one of my fave food world). And it’s bite size!!! I am definitely getting a couple packs for the five hour bus ride tomorrow LOL.

The best eating place in Guatemala is Rincon Tipico in Antigua (one block from Plaza Mayor, near the San Pedro church).  I tried chicken pepian and chicken soup there the first time. The second time (I told you it’s the best eatery in Antigua) I had the chicken caldo and horchata drink. This low-key place is truly the best place to eat in Antigua.

Second Trip to Rincon Tipico - Horchata
Second Trip to Rincon Tipico – Horchata
Chicken Soup (Caldo) For Lunch at Rincon Tipico
Chicken Soup (Caldo) For Lunch at Rincon Tipico

I also tried many other dishes throughout my stay in Guatemala: tamales (different from Mexican tamales, it is softer and blander), chupitos (similar to Mexican tamales minus the strong flavor), pache (similar to Tamales served during Christmas), jocon sauce, some yummy spicy soup at La Casa de Conde in Antigua, and many other stuffs……I admit I have forgotten some stuffs as well (yup, I was that greedy). I also enjoyed the rosa de jamaica drink (hibiscus drink I believe). Enjoy the photos anyhow 🙂

Soup (Caldo) at La Casa de Conde in Antigua (Tasty and Spicy!)
Chupitos (Similar to Mexican Tamales Minus The Strong Flavors) at Santiago Market
Jocon – Green Salsa Chicken in Panajachel – A Universal Guatemalan Dish
Kichon – Tomato Based Chicken Dish – Typical From Kiche Tribe in Panajachel
Tortilla Maker at Chichicastenango Market – Made of Yellow and Blue Corn
Another Beautiful Caldo (Soup) Somewhere in Between Quirigia and Copan, Honduras – What Happens When You Let Locals Decide Where To Eat – Amazing Food All The Time!


In Honduras, I tried their Baleada which is similar to a taco, except the tortilla is made of flour and not maiz. You pick the filings that you like from egg, chicken, cheese, lettuce, black bean, and you also pick the sauce you’d like. You eat it with a pickled onion and chilis and beetroot concoction which is a great contrast in color with the Baleada. It’s the three Bs: Buena (good), Barata (cheap) y Bonita (beautiful).  Go to newly opened “Buena Baleada” (pictures below of Buena Baleada to-go) which is patronized by locals 100% and skip the supposedly best Baleada in town at Picame. I tried both and Buena Baleada es mucho mejor at a fraction of the price.

Buena Baleada - A Local Joint With Better Baleada Than Those Recommended on Lonely Planets
Buena Baleada – A Local Joint With Better Baleada Than Those Recommended on Lonely Planets
Baleada from Buena Baleada With Pickled Onions On The Side

I also got greedy and had a second breakfast on my last day in Copan. I had local fresh cheese and tortilla and their midget homegrown banana at Hacienda San Lucas.

Tortilla and Local Cheese at Hacienda San Lucas
Tortilla and Local Cheese at Hacienda San Lucas

For lunch, I made a quick dash to the very popular (with local and tourists) and highly recommended Comedor y Pupusas Marie. I have to say only the Pupusas caught my interest (the rest of the dishes are meat platter with side dish of rice and black beans or breakfast dish which is tortilla, egg, and cheese) – which is a Honduran version of pita bread sandwich. Pupusas come in many different fillings and their combination. I tried two. One was with cheese and a local vegetable. The other (which is heavenly) is filled with crispy pork skin and black bean. The pork skin adds to the texture of the pupusas and nothing is yummier than the taste of fried pork fat…..LIFE IS FOOD, LIFE IS GOOD!

Restaurant and Pupuseria (Where They Sell Pupusas) “Mary” – A Very Popular Place With Locals
Pupusas – A Typical Honduran Dish (For Breakfast or Snacks)

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