Cray Cray Calcutta

Finally I made it to India, for a dear friend’s nuptial, a country that intrigued and intimidated me at the same time. Intriguing – due to its vast cultures and vibrant colors and the famous, glamorous, long Indian weddings. Intimidating – due to its established reputations of unsavory business practices and violent bursts towards the… More Cray Cray Calcutta

Good Ol’ Mate – Nothing Can Be More South American

Drinking yerba mate is such an ingrained culture in the Mercosur region of South America. Starbucks in Brazil sells ice cold mate tea. Surprisingly, mate is absent in the Argentinian Starbucks. In Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, you would see people walking around with their mate cup, thermos, and bombilla (the metal straw). When we were… More Good Ol’ Mate – Nothing Can Be More South American